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    March 15, 2009


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    Hi ... which dealers are giving up to $10,000 discounts on Boxsters? And what kind of prices can we be expecting for '07 and '08 Boxster and Boxster S now that we're into May of 2009? Thanks.

    Hi B Wicki,
    There are a lot of dealer giving $10,000 or more discount on leftover 2008 Boxsters and Caymans. You can do a Pre-owned search on Porsche's web site. Dealers list new inventory here too. I saw a new Boxster as low $37950 at Napleton Westmont Porsche. Here's another dealer,

    As far as used, you can get a 2008 Boxster S with around 5K miles for $39,900. It's currently on My goal with setting up my blog with prices, is to help the buyer make better deals with their local dealers with knowledge of where other car's pricing is at.

    That was two years ago. How much is it now? A Boxter priced at $36,792 with 24,500 miles on it is not a bad deal at all. In fact, it's quite a bargain.

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