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    July 14, 2009


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    I'm in almost the same boat! (currently waiting for to release the final rules) I was totally set on the Mini Cooper S until someone mentioned the GTI to me today. Now I have to go find one to test drive. The only negatives I saw with the Cooper were the lack of space and the road noise at high (really high) speeds. Otherwise, I haven't seen or driven anything similarly priced that is as exciting. However, the GTI gets equally glowing reviews from just about everyone so we'll see...

    Please post when you make your decision!

    Hey Danny,
    I too felt the Mini's interior was too limiting for me. The other thing that bugged me was the huge speedometer in the middle of the dash. I've seen picture of original Minis and though they did have a speedo in the middle, it was not rediculusly large like the current one. The GTI, though a blast to drive, kind of fell out of my favorite list as I compared it's 3 year/36K mile warranty. That and it's reputation for less than stellar long term reliability.

    Mini has a style and mini is fun. Support mini at

    Whatever stops you from getting what you want, stay away from it. Whatever drives you from what you want, follow it. This may be a dream coming true.

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