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    Great site. love the tracker. Do you have some more detailed strategies for negotiation? for example, can we expect to get to 10% below advertised prices? I'm going to keep checking until I have my own Boxster found.

    I'd say, 10% off is what I'd fight for. Today, an '07 Cayman S dropped $4K from $42K. It's original price was set sometime before 12-31. So, 3 weeks later, the dealer drops 10%. I'd say that car is only a couple a weeks away from being wholesaled. There is a glut of late model Porsches. Give me a detailed description of your dream car. I'll make a post.

    I follow your site and love it. Thanks for doing this. I am tracking boxster "esses" for my boss. I have a 73E targa, so i am not in market right now. Maybe when this economy improves, and then for me, it would be cayman, as a DD. Truly is a buyers market though.

    Thanks for the compliments, Karl. I started out shopping for Boxster S's, then I switched to the Cayman S. My dream car would be a 2007 Cayman S with CPO warranty and costing in the mid-$30's. I've seen some already there. I just added a new car on my Cayman page. I'll update the Boxster page, as I haven't in a couple of weeks.

    Another reader of my blog asked me about finding the best Boxster cheap and was thinking of getting an older Boxster. This is what I wrote back to Doc:

    I really think you can find a base Boxster for under $20K. It is a buyers market. You can offer what you want. I'd at least offer 10% under anything advertised. Use the low price price cars to justify your low offer. Play hard, it's your money, and they really want to sell that car.

    I'd stick to an '05, because the Boxsters were totally redone, inside and out. Try to find one under 50K miles and still under factory warranty. It's 4 years, 50K miles. My plan was to find a Boxster at a Porsche dealer. Use the low prices to drive your purchase price down, then ask for it to be Certified Pre-Owned. It may cost you $2000 extra. The dealer pays Porsche $1500 for the "insurance policy". A CPO Porsche has the same coverage as a new car, but now to 100K miles or 2 years past the "in-service" date. The dealer can tell you when that car was first purchased. A Porsche with a CPO warranty is transferrable to a private buyer. It will raise the resale value when you decide to upgrade or sell.

    Boxsters have been known to have an engine problem, especially anything older than 2002. You don't want to have an engine failure that is not under warranty. Rebuilt engines for a Boxster start around $4K.

    Next, it's your experience with cars. What are you driving now? What have you driven or test driven? The Boxster S has a very perceptible power difference than the base Boxster. If you have not owned a "sports car", the base model has plenty of oomph for the regular driver.

    My current car is an RX-8. The base Boxster was too close to my current car in power. It definitely had more torque and it's engine sounded better, but it didn't have that wow factor for me.

    Any ideas on discounts given on new 2008 boxsters and boxster S. I'm in the market to buy and am very

    It's definitely a buyers market. Your comment gave me the idea for another post, the current glut of 2008 Boxsters. According to, as of this morning, 553 new and used Boxsters, being advertised for sale. New Boxsters are going for $10K off MSRP. I'm sure you can use that as your starting number. I'd push for $13K discount or more. Use inventory from nearby Porsche dealers to get competitive bids for your business. Also, look at the used 2008's. You might save an additional $5K - $10K off MSRP. Some Porsche dealers are putting their new inventory on Ebay. So, there's a lot of options available for buyers. Use those prices to set your target price. By having a set price in mind when shopping, you'll save yourself a lot of unnecessary haggling time with your dealer. Let me know what you end up buying.

    Hi Manny:
    I recently offered a dealer
    48k for a 68k rs60. Was turned down, but dealer remarked that later on that price might be accepted.


    Getting $20K off a new Boxster seems like a real stretch. I just updated this page with two 2008 Boxsters listing, one is new. If you really like that RS60, offer $15K under sticker.

    wow...great blog Manny! I'm impressed by your research and tracking work.
    Hope you can answer my post.
    I've been looking at an 04 Boxster S 47k miles and dealer is not willing to reduce even '5 cents' for this $23k roadster. I would be willing to pay him but as I found out the car has been in an accident and though carfax only reports the accident with no dates, the dealer insist it was nothing major and just a ding or scratch and I shouldn't count it towards my decision!!
    Any insight would be helpful

    Great blog. Very helpful. I'm looking for a 05-06 boxster S for around $30K, blue, silver or red exterior with any leather interior except grey. I'm having trouble locating good examples near Chicago. I have the patience... wish me luck. thanks.

    Buying a used car is always a risk, but when the used car is a Porsche 911, the cost, and consequently the risk, is that much higher. However, many owners of Porsche 911s are enthusiasts and take good care of their cars. Do your research thoroughly and minimize this risk to purchase a 911 with almost all the functionality of a new model at a fraction of the price.

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