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    I visited this blog first time and found it very interesting and informative.. Keep up the good work thanks..

    Thanks Van for the compliment. Just curious, how did you come across my blog and that page?

    What feed/source(s) are you pulling these cars from? Ebay? Cars.Com? I'd be interested in hosting this on Planet-9 for you if you'd like.

    K-Man S, sorry for the delay in replying to your post. It came just before the holidays and I felt bad about my Cayman price page not being updated within the last 6 months. I'm a big fan of your site, Planet-9, and would welcome some hosting arrangement as you mentioned. I just updated this page and will be updating the other pages soon.


    Thanks for posting your car on Planet9. I am shopping for a Cayman in the Southern CA area and hopefully will gather enough money in 6 months to buy one. I was looking for an Artic Silver (I wanted the silver scratch hiding quality) but now that I saw a picture of your beautiful Lapis Blue, I'm having second thought about the Silver.

    I was delighted to see that you were able to get $5K off the asking price. This gives me the confidence to be more aggressive when I end up finding a good car that's advertised above my price range.

    Thanks for visiting my site John. This year is a great time to be shopping for a Cayman.
    I love my Lapis Blue Cayman S. It's such a beautiful paint job. The exterior color changes as the sun or lighting hit it.
    Part of why I love the Cayman so much is it's mild uniqueness. I see Corvettes, BMWs, etc. a ton, while Caymans are a rarer breed. I love Porsche's dark metallic paint jobs. I wanted a special color and this Lapis Blue is special. Keep in touch on your search and final purchase.

    What a great page. I stumbled across it. I also live in Chula Vista and am hunting for a great deal on a Cayman S. Can you let me know the options you got on your beautiful car?

    Thanks Al for visiting my blog and commenting. My Cayman S has the Preferred Package, which includes dimming mirrors, rain sensing wipers, and a couple of other things. I also have the Bose with CD Changer. The car stickered for $66000 new. It's still a buyers market. What are you looking for in your hunt for a Cayman?

    That's also what I'm looking at, the same car as yours. Sticker just over $66K new with 15-16K miles on it. At the Hoehn dealership. Listed in Autotrader for $45K. I said $38K which is too high knowing the price you paid. They countered with $44K. Time to look elsewhere. Didn't know 2007 Cayman S is already an appreciating asset. :)

    Same thing happened to me last year at Hoehn Mercedes. Went in and said I want to pay $x for a car. They said no way. I drove an hour north. Had same car for price I expected a couple hours later.

    Looks like we San Diegans need to just buy cars in LA.

    Hey Al, I looked up the Cayman S at Hoehn. It's the Meteor Grey one, right? Is your sales guy an older skinny white guy? If it is, tell him Manny said he bought his '07 Cayman S, 19K miles, and with CPO warranty for $35000 at The Auto Gallery in Los Angeles, in February. This same sales guy almost sold me a red base Cayman and was discounting it heavily. I held off to get my Cayman S. My car's original asking price was $44999 (I have that price tag) when Auto Gallery took it in trade, November 2009, according to CarFax. It sat on their lot for 3 months when the manager, David Lang, agreed to my offer of $35K. I'd stick to your $38K offer and not budge. There is an '08 Cayman S at Park Place, 10K miles and they are asking $42990. I'm sure if you offered them $38K or $39K they'd sell it to you. I think the sales guy's name at Hoehn was Chris.

    It looks like we share the smae passion.. beers and cars..

    Just wanted to say thanks for the great info. I live in the SF area and am looking to acquire a late-model used Cayman too. The dealer you used has one that I really like; hopefully I can get it at a great discount like yours!

    Channing, I looked at Auto Gallery's inventory. They are at least $5000 too high in their asking prices. Pick the one you really like, then find comparable cars on other Porsche dealers. Then look for comparable cars on Auto Trader, or any other source. Use those prices to bargain down your choice. It's also good to go in with a pre-approved loan and try hard to get your price. Good luck.

    My brother wants a second-hand Porsche. I'll tell him about your blog. His other option is a used Chevrolet Avalanche car. When we went to Indianapolis, we saw this model on some car dealers there.

    I hope your brother bought a Porsche than the Chevy! If he hasn't bought yet, let me know a price range and I will recommend the best Porsche for the money.

    Of course, a Porsche is better than a Chevy. Just driving one is an unforgettable experience. The speed, the power - everything about it is worth its weight in gold.

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