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    March 13, 2010


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    Came back to check on your site. Love the Japan info but that Cayman you got is gorgeous. What has ownership been like since you got it?

    Hey Karl, I've been a bit busy and did not see your comment until today. The car has been great, but lately I've run into some expenses. First, I had to replace my rear tires. The original tires are Michelin Pilot Sports and they cost $400 a piece! Though I got the car for a great price, my payment is still hefty and I need to watch my expenses. I ended up buy Hankook Ventus and got those for a little bit under $400 for the pair. For the last few days, I had noticed the clutch acting strangely and feeling almost like it's broken. I took it to the dealer and am thankful it will be covered under warranty. A broken pressure plate was the diagnosis. If it wasn't covered under warranty, it would have cost over $2300! Tomorrow morning I pick up the car. Can't wait to drive it!

    Celebrating 1 year of ownership on Sunday, I drove 40 miles north for a breakfast at Stone Brewery in Escondido. This car is so great, I praise it's virtues to any passenger or the lucky few who I've trusted with my keys. I finally got to take it on my first autocross 3 weeks ago and being able to push it made me appreciate even more. My Cayman S is the best handling sports car I'll ever drive. It's engine is smooth for daily commutes and enjoys to be pushed like the multiple times I hit triple digits on my speedometer this past Sunday.

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